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Mike G


You may or may not know me, I've been on the net 18 years and I have done many many things as a first on the internet. I won't delve into them at this time but on future training seminars I may comment on them from time to time.

But for starters, if you wish to know more about me I recommend the following three links: - these are totally unsolicited reviews and testimonials from members and existing partners. I never asked for a single one of them.

The next link you may wish to visit is: - This will give you an inkling, not the full story, but close, as to my history, my career chronology, and the fact that I have been interviewed and hosted on Wiki is a significant statement to my credibility, I know you'll agree.

And lastly, if you have any doubts, please visit: - This will give you a history and overview of what happens to people the bigger and more successful they become on the internet and the lengths competitors and unscrupulous marketers will do to 'borrow' that person’s identity.

I, with my developers and CTO (that is Chief Technical Officer), over the last several months have been developing a brand new Tier One search engine. And don't for a minute think that we are out to topple Google(TM), Bing(TM), or Yahoo(TM), we are not. In fact, the search engine industry is unlike any other on the net.

You see, when people purchase advertising for their websites, and they have a campaign that is working - the right keywords, the right sales message at their website, the right conversions, the right profitability for the costs of their keywords, and all the other variables lined up, they very aggressively look for ALL sources for advertising. So is not a product / shopping cart site. It’s designed exclusively for the internet marketing community to continually purchase advertising for keywords and phrases and then continually refresh by adding more money to their accounts as their accounts are depleted because potential prospects click on their ads, and the amount they pay for that ad is deducted from their account balance.

This site is not about all the differences that make Zabang what Zabang is, if you are interested in a Silent Partnership position which will only be referenced in this letter, I will be happy to send it to you and that letter will fully explain the many differences that ensure Zabang's success, but here is just a little something that I believe will whet your appetite, if not totally excite you.

Zabang is the only search engine that is 100% mobile friendly, we will not show to any search customer a site that does not load fast and can be read easily on that small screen with that small amount of bandwidth. We have solved the puzzle, we know how to do this.

We are also the only search engine that provides the customer to “VOTE” on the results they receive when they type in their keyword or phrase and are shown sites that our algorithm thinks are appropriate to their search request. No other search engine provides this! It allows interactivity and our studies with actual live polling have proven this to be a much desired feature.

Next, we are the only search engine that will actually show an App address, simply by adding the word 'app' behind any keyword or phrase. You see, today about 40% of all apps in combination are downloaded from Apple iTunes(TM) or Android's Playstore(TM). The other 60% are downloaded as a result of the owner, the business with the app, promoting it, advertising it, making it available to customers, members, prospects, etc. There is no - at least until now - a simple place where these apps can be found.

Next, we are the only search engine with a two-level affiliate program, which pays ten percent on level one and five percent on level two for any purchases made by any person or company that visits Zabang first as a search customer or directly as an advertiser buyer, and we pay those commissions on a recurring basis. Even when a customer replenishes their account, and even if they started as a search customer, we know the affiliate who is responsible for bringing in that search customer and they are rewarded handsomely.

Many of our affiliates today are focusing 100% on growing their database of affiliates underneath them. It's that good.

Next, and this will come as a big surprise. Our proprietary algorithm patent pending, decides which sites to show in the natural or organic results in the order that our search customers have voted. The highest score is shown first, the second highest score is shown next, etc. all by category and by vote. And this frankly can change automatically from one hour to the next, because as you know sites are also subject to change and our members, our search customers tell us what they think. We do not operate a popularity contest for high rankings like most search engines simply because methods like that are easy to manipulate.

Next, when someone opens an account and purchases, regardless of what they bid, their keyword or key phrase, they are put into a rotator which will then depending upon whether they have paid the most, the second most, the third most, etc. rotate them through the five paid results that appear at the top of every search result. So even a customer who pays the least amount for purchased advertising, will have the chance to be listed first and second and third and not always appear in just the fifth or last spot if they are the lowest bidder. Consequently, the customer who pays the most will appear in the first spot far more often than any of the other spots, but they too are rotated. This gives everyone an advantage and gives the search customer a fresh look at listed sites upon each search.

Next, we have developed a proprietary system to prevent click fraud and for obvious reasons I will not explain how it works – but it works! Therefore no advertising client can be cheated by competitors or other parties with an ax to grind and waste their ad spending with us.

Next, and I'll stop with this one even though there are many more, affiliates are given the opportunity to list any app for the natural results in their back office. And affiliates will also have an app for the management of their account, and clients will have an app for the management of their accounts. We practice what we preach.

You should know this about me

The first business I ever built to a rather healthy degree was in real estate and when I retired the first time after just 14 years I retired owning over 300 properties, I accomplished this by becoming, developing my own forms, and the concept of buyer brokerage in the state of Michigan. I was the very first buyer-broker in that state and I made millions because of it. I understand the brokerage concept very well. Sales people will reach into their pocket and pay for training for x number of hours, pay for testing, and pay for a license just to become a sales affiliate and work under a broker in their state.

After my brief first retirement, I discovered you can only hit so many golf balls, and catch so many fish, I started a phone company and with inside of eighteen months were doing eighteen million dollars a year with offices in all fifty states and a sales network - and this is important - you'll understand why in a moment or two, we built a sales force of over 77,000 independent sales representatives. And not MLM!

So now I have taken two proven distribution models and I have combined them into one new concept, guaranteed to provide an extremely lucrative opportunity for thousands of people who wish to represent and become a broker or a sales agent for on a global scale.

I invite therefore, individuals from all English speaking countries to participate with us in Team Zabang!

Here's How It Works

I will discuss first the brokerage opportunity, so...

My silent partners of which I have only a few (and if you are interested in this let me know) receive no charge first option with their equity ownership in Zabang the opportunity to receive the designation "Zabang Partner PPC Broker." This is the top, most exclusive, and highest position of any. (New silent partners from Jan 15 2017 may select this designation optionally at no cost !) Under the state partner PPC broker, I will offer by county in the U.S., and by district or county in other countries, the opportunity for an individual to become a "Zabang Master PPC Broker" These brokers will pay a modest fee, not for the designation, not for the license, but for the training only. And it is that training where i will personally conduct a webinar monthly and teach our brokers where and how to get and qualify sales personal, what to say and how to present and who to market our three primary services to. So let me spend a moment on those...

What We Sell

First, obviously, it is Pay-Per-Click advertising. And if you have ever entered a keyword at any search engine and then were exposed to a variety of websites, hopefully relative to that keyword or key phrase, if you clicked on one or more of those sites, the sum of money the client paid for that keyword or phrase or now phrase + the word 'app' was deducted from their account. We will have several price points at which we recommend you and your sales team make available to the customer, to open their account.

Our Second product is... Once a month or so we will choose an opportunity or a service or something else internet marketing related, that has an affiliate program, and we will list it on the home page at Zabang. And the home page with the exception of the back office for affiliates, and the order / create an account page, are the only three primary pages. So on the search page we will have a link and underneath it we will say, "Here is our recommend for the month of 'x' opportunity, service, resource, etc" ... You get the idea. And for each sale that is made as a result of that, will be shared, obviously, with my Silent Partners if the sale occurs in their district or state (remember this letter is not about the Silent Partnership), so more importantly the sales person or broker who sells this service will receive a flat 10% of all money generated to the company thru this unique joint venture structure.

The third product, and it will not appear on the home page - the home page will be simple and uncluttered, a search box, an affiliate link, and a recommended resource - so the third product will be a solo mailing to all of our affiliates and customers for any product or service that, again, is internet marketing related. This solo mailing will be sold for $2,500 to start, and again a ten percent referral fee to the sales person or broker who generates this sale.

But make no mistake about it, the biggest money by far is in the selling of Pay Per Click advertising. With Google(TM) currently making over one billion dollars every week selling Pay-Per-Click advertising, the marketplace is absolutely enormous and with over twenty million searches a month done for advertising resources... Well, I think you get the idea... is poised to be a very serious and the next big player in the search engine business.

You should also know this: It is estimated that by the end of 2018, 90% of all internet traffic will come from those smartphones and mobile devices, and more importantly, and this is stunning news with lots of stats online to back it up, the internet is also projected to triple in size by the end of 2018. Think with me just a second, this will happen as a result of people can now be part of the internet in exchange for simply purchasing or with good credit signing on the dotted line, and receive a smartphone that allows them access to the internet where the only other choice is to purchase a PC or laptop for hundreds of dollars plus pay an ISP for internet connectivity.

In fact, the proof is there, only by a small percent right now but the fact is, apps are now viewed more frequently than websites is proof and represents an enormous trend, and get this, and the information to prove my point is easily available online. Smartphones are outselling laptops and PCs hourly, every day of the week, on average of 12 to 1. You couldn't be considering becoming involved in a faster growing, more lucrative industry than what you are now presented with.

The Sales People Earn Handsomely

Let me explain the Independent Representative Sales position. I'll start by clarifying this point: All sales people will be appointed to their nearest county or district Master Broker. And the Master Broker receives ten percent of what we pay their sales team every month, and the state or in some cases country the Zabang Partner PPC Broker receives ten percent of what we pay all brokers under them. (New silent partners from Jan 15 2017 may select this designation optionally at no cost !) And the sales people are assigned to their nearest county or district Broker if there is no current county or district Broker in their immediate jurisdiction.

The Broker's responsibility by the way, is to be available to his or her sales team to answer questions, to remind them of upcoming webinars, be available by phone or email to help close any transactions - in other words, it is pro-active, it is a business. But the rewards for doing these things, only when your salespeople need help, can indeed be enormously lucrative.

So, I'll get back to the three Independent Salesperson designations. They are:

1) The first category is Zabang Affiliate PPC Representative. And this position pays 25% of all sales made, and not just the first time but when a client recharges their account the sales person and the brokers above them are paid their respective sales commissions also.

2) Zabang Executive PPC Representative. This position pays 35% of the gross sales, again with referral commissions paid to the brokers - one county, and one state or country - above them.

3) The highest position for an Independent Salesperson is Zabang Director of PPC Sales. This position pays 40% of the gross sales, again with referral commissions paid to the brokers - one county, and one state or country - above them.

The first position, upon achieving gross sales monthly for three consecutive months of just $2,500 will automatically be upgraded to the Executive level. And the Executive level, upon achieving gross sales monthly for three consecutive months of just $4,000 (and these are gross sales, not commissions) will automatically be upgraded to the Director level, earning then 40% of each new sale. It is important to note, as an independent representative progresses through the ranks their sales commissions are not retro-actively applied to earlier positions, only new business. We think that's fair for everyone and also giving tremendous incentive for the sales team.

We will ask sales people to pay a modest fee for 500 business cards, and plaque, and a laminated lapel tag (you know, the type with the alligator clip) with their name, their designation, their email address, their phone number. So, when/if calling personally on businesses should they choose to do this, and that is by the way one of the methods we will teach on our monthly webinars, the prospect can easily see their designation and know the individual is a legitimate representative of

The brokers will receive the same 500 business cards and the same lapel clip with their designation on it. Because brokers are also invited and encouraged to make those sales. And before I forget, all brokers, regardless of their designation, county or Silent Partner, receive 50% of the gross sales of the three primary products, for each of their own personal sales. This is absolutely tremendous!

You might recall earlier in this email I mentioned the 77,000 Independent Reps I had for my phone business which made it worth millions of dollars, was done with a very similar structure, and it took off like a Texas grassfire completely out of control and this will also, I assure you.

Please see the participation form and make your selection now. Remember if you are interested in becoming a county or district broker, we as a company are only allowing one per district or county. And if you are interested in the absolute top position, Zabang Partner PPC Broker, you must become a Silent Partner first, and the participation form will give you the information you need to contact me personally for a discussion about this. (New silent partners from Jan 15 2017 may select this designation optionally at no cost !) And you earn an override on all brokers under you and also sales people under you! It’s the absolute “Top Dog” spot to have.

It's All About the Training

Let me make this abundantly clear. We are NOT selling a business opportunity. Any fees we ask for are strictly for training, nothing else. The Independent Sales People pay nothing for their training, and everyone else at the first level (and every Independent Sales person starts at the first level), Zabang PPC Affiliate / at the 25%. Their training is paid for by their "Zabang Master PPC Brokers." District or County brokers are those that carry the burden of the training for themselves and their sales team, for a one-time fee. And it's lifetime by the way, no other fees ever of any kind. In fact, we will have hosted online sales forms that are representatives can simply print and submit to us for processing. We will know who is under who and so on when you join.

I am very seriously and anxiously looking forward to working with you, when we launch our Team Zabang sales program about the second quarter of 2017. But, for now, grab your spot to be sure you have it because they will go fast especially after we open for PPC sales. And one other brief comment - we are already in Phase one of the launch and already have thousands of affiliates who will carry our logo and our sig file in their emails to drive search traffic to Zabang so that when and if that search customer becomes a new client the affiliate benefit on two levels.

And just in case you don't know this, Google(TM) started their empire doing exactly that. They never went out and purchased advertising to sell their advertising - they had at their site a link on the search page that said “advertising.”

But my philosophy is different, my philosophy is sharing my personal success, my company success with others. I hope you see that and recognize this opportunity.

A Lucrative Summary

1) Silent Partners, please ask for details, receive a 10% override on all brokers under them, and all sales people, all 3 categories, under them, in addition to 50% of personal sales. And, they are appointed Zabang Partner PPC Broker. (New silent partners from Jan 15 2017 may select this designation optionally at no cost !) This is optional for the Silent Partner and there is no fee for the training for the Silent Partner or his or her sales people and brokers, because the Silent Partner has already purchase an equity position in the company.

2) 'Master' Our county or district brokers, one per county or district, receives a 10% override on all income produced by their sales people in addition to 50% of personal sales. A one-time fee covers all training for this broker position and all of the broker’s sales people. An important note here: This brokerage position allows for significant income from personal sales and from a sales team, and your sales team can be located in any English speaking country. All training is done by webinar, by the company, and the one-time fee covers this and a lapel badge, and 500 business cards, and trophy quality plaque attesting to your designation with the company.

3) There are 3 sales person designations, each requiring a very modest fee which covers the cost of the lapel id tag, 500 business cards, and trophy quality plaque attesting to your designation with the company. Sales people automatically graduate thru the commission ranks and designations upon reaching the required gross income production as detailed above. And will receive a new lapel id tag, business cards, and trophy quality plaque for each designation earned.

Here is the order form to register and for more information:

Order form will be available as we approach phase three of the launch!

Presented by: Mike G


Mike G

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